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Challenge: Ineffective face-to-face meetings

Solution: Facilitation by stealth

As facilitators of the inaugural face-to-face meeting for a recently established Data and Analytics Business, our objective was to enhance productivity by optimizing the meeting's content and structure.

One thing we did was position worksheets throughout the room, allowing executive team members to document problems, propose solutions, and note implications. During breaks, participants had the opportunity to review and provide input in a more casual way, enabling us to identify areas of misalignment that warranted prioritization on the agenda for further discussion. 

By the session's conclusion, we had established a few vital topics, assigning dedicated cross-functional teams to each and implemented regular reviews to monitor progress.

Challenge: Aspiring product-centric organization

Solution: See it afresh

A start-up Data and Analytics company initially pursued a strategy centred around providing technical products to clients. Upon our investigation, however, it became evident that significant engineering efforts were required to adapt the solutions to each client's unique systems for optimal functionality.

Recognizing the challenges and costs associated with a product-focused approach, we proposed a transformative shift towards a services-based model. In this approach, the engineering team actively collaborates with clients to address their specific challenges, moving away from a one-size-fits-all solution. This fresh perspective empowers our team members to directly contribute to clients' success, leading to enhanced outcomes.

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Challenge: Escalating complexity hinders strategy review

Solution: Tear it apart

Upgrading manufacturing systems in a regulated environment involves implementing enhanced processes while complying with regulatory standards. The plan for this company initially focused on one system, but over time expanded to include multiple systems, making it nearly impossible to review the overall strategy effectively.


To navigate through this challenge we physically tore up the original plan and posted its sections for independent review. This sparked fresh conversations on the best approach for the complex upgrade, enabling us to facilitate alignment among subject matter experts. The outcome was a regulatory-compliant plan and streamlined roadmap that guided the work across cross-functional teams.

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