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Cindy Harrell, PhD

Cindy has a long history of creating clarity from complex topics and distilling them into actionable outcomes, often using her coaching credentials to enable change.


With more than 20 years’ experience working with mature companies (including Gore, the creators of Gore-Tex® fabrics) and those in the process of scaling, she brings a wealth of experience to drive both action and accountability.

Cindy's coaching expertise is complemented by her improv performance skills, creating a fun and engaging atmosphere that fosters stronger connections among team members. Through promoting enjoyment and collaboration, Cindy leads teams towards more productive outcomes.


She was inspired to create QuadTwo to leverage her skills for the success for scaling businesses.

How did QuadTwo
get its name?

Quadrant Two of the Eisenhower Matrix represents tasks that are important but not urgent. These tasks have a significant impact on long-term goals and success, but they are often neglected due to the lack of pressure.


Quadrant Two tasks include activities such as long-term planning, goal-setting, skill development, relationship building, and strategic thinking.


Prioritizing Quadrant Two helps shift focus from reactive firefighting to proactive and meaningful action.

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